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Medical Supply and Equipment.

We carry big items like Hospital beds, Power wheelchairs, Electric Scooters, wheelchairs, Transport Chairs, and Lift Chairs as well as small items like Gauze, Tape, Gauze Sponges, Ostomy Bags, Ice Packs, and everything in between. If you need Knee, Ankle, Hand, Wrist, and Back Braces, this is the place to find it. We also have a good selection of adult incontinence supplies from disposable underwear, bed pads to wipes, and cream, and lotions.

We also have rentals available. 


• Hospital beds, Shower Chairs

• Wheelchairs, Transport Chairs

• Rollators, Walkers, Canes

• Crutches and Accessories

• Bariatric and Children sizes

• Incontinence & Wound Care Supplies

We courtesy bill Medicare and Medical,
Call our store for more details. 

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