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  • Product Information
    • Convenient and easy to use antimicrobial hand wipes specially formulated for use in hospitals and medical facilities
    • Pre-saturated with antimicrobial surgical scrub PCMX and alcohol
    • Formulated with aloe vera to help prevent dry hands and protect sensitive skin
    • Proven more effective than alcohol gels alone
    • Complies with OSHA guidelines for medical staff and personnel to use as an adjunct to hand washing or when hand washing is unavailable
    • Friction of wipe helps remove more soil and bacteria than gels and foams
    • Proven 99.99% effective in 15 seconds against killing germs and top food-borne pathogens
    • Quick drying, leaving no sticky residue
    • NSF certified and 2013 FDA Food Code compliant and safe to use before eating and drinking
    • 70% Ethanol Alcohol by volume based formula as recommended by the CDC and World Health Organization for proper hand hygiene.
    • Sani-Hands® contains ethyl alcohol.
    • Tub dimensions: 6" x 7.5"