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Sofnit 300- reusable under pads 30x36

Sofnit 300- reusable under pads 30x36



  • Product Information


    • For light to heavy incontinence
    • Serves many purposes
    • Stain resistant
    • Heat resistance during drying
    • Reusable yet durable
    Product Overview:

    SOFNIT® 300 - Reusable Underpad

    Medline Sofnit 300 Underpads are the pinnacle of durability. Our best-selling underpad is a proven winner. It features a soft, durable face fabric of Twill and a moderate-duty poly/rayon soaker. Made to withstand 300 launderings, Sofnit 300 underpads have a very low cost per use. As with all of our pads, the Sofnit 300 is constructed with a premium Vintex barrier. The total weight of the pad is lower than many other styles, resulting in lower processing costs. Pink Vintage barrier is extremely durable.


    Medline - Sofnit 300 - Reusable Underpad
    Use: Reusable
    Protection Level: Medium
    Best Use: Bed/Mattress, Furniture, Automobile
    Attachment Method : Lies flat
    Primary Material: Cotton/Cloth